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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 8, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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conspiracy to could transport sold popsy and contraband cigarettes and did not enter >> : following tuesday's arraignment chow is new attorney some analysts said his client is innocent but slammed the government case in tactics. the case where ultimately the government created a crime the government and finance the crime. and the government and snared by client by putting their backs to drop it. etymon to outrageous behavior and flaw in from our perspective the motive. racism moderate unadulterated racism. >> : he plans to put government
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on trial. 21 of the 29 defendants in the corruption case were in court today. it will be back on friday. for another hearing. >> : many of the defendants in the script and it's this charges including drugs still in good and money laundering but charges involving the sale of weapons has added a whole new dimension of the case. according to court documents as jackson who connected ye with the undercover agent who was looking to buy weapons. the hearing newt city to an international arms deal that could get an undercover agent what he wanted the aged had asked for fire missiles cheered and automatic weapons three days and also led to meet the arms deal. but the meeting never happened. said court documents said he enter introduced into dr. wilson and glenn daily city dentist allegedly could get weapons from sources in the philippines. dr. lemmas won the 29 defendants indicted
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this corruption case. >> : it is going at saigon. dense and out of the park for holder opener today stands are pumped up now for the entire season. one of them looking here. the kit arrived in the bat mobile the death of rock the ceremonial first pitch. sports producer jacob applebaum >> : you talk about a great day it was all that and more here at at&t park t giants win. one big party for fans and that that kid shows up. 98. a.m. >> :
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and amateur not wait for opening day at at&t part. has that been in and says a 50 5:00 a.m.. >> : to be done by the end of the game. >> : his address as we never quit. >> : never quit and dress big hits of francisco giants stalled. >> : he refers as far 24 some cases i don't been said that tenneco gas and this is the time-consuming process your. to a half hours. that's dedication. >> : the couple's old days. yes.
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>> : one youngster who's gotten many compliments as he saved off all or san francisco back kid a k miles scott appeared cancer survivor to throw the first page. transcendent and beyond. >> : the loss approves the as she doesn't know. >> : certainly a good time at the ballpark its comeback kid there. of the first talk with him. this afternoon you hear what he has to say to us. he is a bit talk of more so today that he has been in the past. tonight at 6. >> :
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and again in sports producer apple bobs here. flights to the ballpark garry was there pretty berlin got caught in traffic problem lie here instead. but also brian jensen had 50 openers of the open the ballpark now 12 and three although banners. the one loss six obamof them. >> : that kid eats sought gets escorted by the mound. templates and on the mounds first time beijing for bay area team in 10 seasons at home. the pitch for the a's back in 2004. out of bread and milk. this guy's a hottest player in league right now. his home run its eight games for belt. the 43 giant up to nothing a what
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drives. newly acquired michael more. belting can score a great day for the giants. he had two hits today. giants win seven to two. it's their sixth straight home opener win. >> : been there so as well as some of the season begins this are be getting to talk or series already. expectations are up now. to world series the last three years. >> : we encourage you to send us your pictures to kron4-dot- com with list pictures online and shows some of them on the air as well. >> : up to one of the weather today. the saliva from 7 to go rv. carry. in see a
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little hazy right now. we're looking at the san mateo bridge where they have relatively clear conditions. high temperatures are prevalent as well. certainly enjoyed a ticket is good temperature is a nice day today. right now or at 70 in oakland livermore center of the checking in at 79. satellite its radar imagery not join ferber's a petition with high clouds that will change overnight level forecast coming up just >> : coming up at 515 pesetas and of that city's skid where the bay area ways in. >> :
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his study is suggesting women and men have different social situations once they are drunk. it wont go into what the ruling which is of intoxication. women, much more attached to men become
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more inclined to become one faithful. researchers were using a small rodent use a prairie vole. it shouldn't less about it a particularly a mutt monogamous role model release until it's a drug. bill do more testing of this leg closeout to humans three >> : old will crack the case right what open and there's no evidence against the husband accused of killing his wife decades ago. but a dozen fish are dumped into san francisco bay. all in the name of science. >> :
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15 bay area residents and considered is obese. it's among the healthiest results in the country. america got physical on swords the results are not that encouraging. here's a list
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of police obese in big cities in the u.s. according to new couple. in san diego and denver area atop the list. with just 19.3% of the population is obese category treated as as good as it gets pre the third san jose area which includes any bill as i clara. in 19.5% in its emphasis oakland in fremont at 19.7%. the most obesity in the u.s. memphis. nearly 32 percent of the people there. nationally the average rate is more than 27%. the fis since the tracking obese. pre-dawn ninth >> : or have someone listen to our old about lead in the second period sunday record high temperatures begin break any today we're getting close wednesday we
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expect patchy morning fog. partly cloudy conditions by the afternoon. most nuclear for most parts the bay area appeared thursday looking for similar conditions again fog in the morning burning off though relatively early in the morning chow even less the entirety of the morning commute. from a we have a cooling trend. starting to come. enjoy what warm weather and well as a starter cooler by week's end. the 27 cisco 47 centerville 52 and oakland. the soon conquered will get down to 52 in fremont. now for a tractor for a shows like it pettifog all around the bay area signed a bill to the over nine hours looking at midnight right now. the push for to the morning commute. you see the dog started clear out already pretty early. it's still have some areas of pettifog your coverage and affects which of the morning commute a lesser off highway 1 or 283 01 could be affected as well. after finding yourself in some foggy is certainly. the
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seven of the will start to be isolated offshore. it will clear up partly cloudy skies and clear conditions by afternoon. a result plater breaks down. we will reach the high of upper '70's lower 80s for the most part. have the rest of the highs in the sun. but forecasting just a bit. >> : cold case murder of kathy as the rupture of her body found beneath a hand made quite clear in her car. at san jose airport march 1989. the second husband and his brother robert were indicted by grand jury last month. in charge with her murder. according to 18 page legal brief of filed with the court. obtained by us. david star was having an affair when his wife disappeared. and at what point he suggested that please look for her at the airport. legal analyst says that the evidence will be difficult to refute. >> : as a result
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>> : he pointed them to the report suggested that it could of been a robbery he assure the place at that time thought this could be deflection from him. onto other people. as soon as a police officer sees that you become a suspect. he appears to be a man who wanted out of his marriage. it will be expensive divorce. and didn't follow through with what he promises life. the picture that's been presented by district attorney is not grieving husband of a calculated killer. >> : beckham is also revealed for the first time that robert z. at the czar's dna was found on button and the upper of the past kathy's ever wore when she was strangled. as far as a motive for the case prosecutors said david's are profited from his wife's death by selling her home and her jury. >> : no. and david's are being held without bail out
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fending chow. hundred thousand salmon. is happening now. recent bay all taking part in san important sensitive sunday. so about proving their chances of surviving the migration from the second on a river to the sea and back again. >> : in looking at what it tells than seven justin from the river fish catch. a pump in a holding tank of the of the cboe. seven will receive an escort to the sticker minority appeared san francisco that part of an ongoing study. is some good information what release the energies from the various hatcheries' have a higher survival rates. afforded park and fish and wildlife biologists have their studied a focused on helping seven survive the migration from the bay into the ocean where they will grow to full
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size before returning back up river to spawn. it meat moving downstream to a golden gate bridge state being not been protected. these fish are protected from fish creditors from bird creditors. >> : also protected from speedboats as well. total of 300,000 sammons will be released at different points. along the migration route between or built in golden gate bridge. mcintyre says that at the end of the three-year study department of fish and wildlife have the very scientific way of determining which group survives. is the fish has a unique tack implanted it's had so identified with group therefrom. a cease-what to see and grow in return as adultery and we collect these different we will be able to see what groups they are from. but hatc from and what portion of southern iran.
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using that information will be able to determine the survival these fish. and if the project was successful. death toll has risen to 34 and washington state was led. >> : a dozen people remain missing from march 27th slides. the president will visit later this month meeting with some of family is and victims. of the devastated area. the 5 mi. north of seattle. >> : how to year-old girl was a path of destruction and heard a broad all while asleep. then a lawmaker caught apparently ignoring family values that he promised to uphold. your video. >> : video. >> :
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then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? sleepwalking child lived to be the person responsible
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for damaging several cars. police in a 10 year-old girl was asleep when she left the house and her parents' car. >> : of the knock out the door by police officers of the charles perez said it found out. tenniel's the father said she got hold the key is caught in the car and drove to have blacks. smashing into apart semi in parked cars trade >> : to sit at the year-old was scared to cry when they arrived. there say it they held their on the car and her mom picked her up from the scene. her stepdad says she of the developmental disability and has known the sleepwalker which is says she's never done anything like this. >> : police cited the 10 year-old girl for failure to control
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and not wearing seat belts and operating a vehicle of the pluses. the citations are standard procedure so that the victims and have trouble getting their insurance companies to pay for repairs. >> : will president obama is doing to ensure women are getting paid as much as men in the workplace. thank corruption case political analysts are will be here to talk about loopholes had accused bay area lawmaker is using to pay for his defense accused bay area lawmaker is using to pay for his defense trade @?a
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president about trying to draw attention to when her wages. trying to reduce gendered happened compensation critical payday and of what house president was stepping up along standing to say a woman get a fair shake on salary. president obama has signed executive orders and at producing the gap between what women and men are paid between contractors. it will pay me as a woman has worked about as far and what the 14th were early man earned in 2013. ohm has worked
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months or his as it simply because she's paid less. this affair is like adding a 6 mi. to a marathon. it's not right. >> : the average working woman earns just 77¢ for every dollar a man makes. to executive actions signed by the president only applied to companies with federal contracts. of for all americans. the first prohibits federal contractors from retaliating against of place to discuss pay with each other. and secrecy and empowers the discrimination we should not tolerate. then secretary of labor collective war affirmations of discrimination can be spotted. republicans held their own news conference their message stop politicizing women. women have become less extremely
5:31 pm
valuable part of the work force. today on their own merits. because government mandated it. they're accusing republicans standing in the lake. all the make it work is easier to sue for only place that will work less pre >> : smarties president's actions are political woes because democrats equal pay as an issue they can win in midterm elections as free but the white house points out that the very first felt build a presence i and the the ninth involves part of their pet. >> : change has to do more with money than cultural shifts. new report by few research center study found 29 percent of american mothers are at home. many mothers would like to work but cannot find jobs. even if they find a job that paid
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likely does not cover the cost of child care. >> : hillary clinton kicked up the is a series of appearances this week. with the san fransico marketing conference. former secretary of state and for first lady addressed the of the people. followed but from a speech she answered a question session. she's scheduled to appear in san jose state university on thursday. as part of a lecture series featuring a number of prominent women. not guilty plea from a state senator early lindy. serious crimes including weapons traficant. his former staffers as " school board president. added four is attached for chinatown gangster. joining us now a political analyst. >> :
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i suppose as publishers since a lot of that campaign money came from mr. fbi different in terms of cash and nation. or lauder is another way. as with the allegations are for the complaint. but daylight use campaign funds for legal fees and doesn't restrict what those legal fees can be. and before any legal action in the sky be honestly for mr. e possibly one of those mechanisms. not only is he added the other people and all the less will look at corruption case from the state would what looked of southern california. they also were still getting paid while all this is pending is the right. the question is it's a political question. courts
5:34 pm
the like to get involved with political questions that has very cause additional issue is whether or not a legislature can get payton not. really there is a affects that because of these constitutional issues that is not done their pay. we heard burke has said senator allude to make changes and a loophole. as the likely to happen probably not. the honorable thing to do what been to resign. and say cataloger am i capable of presenting my constituent constituents. their pleas in themselves than anybody else with authority that can be called. >> : today we saw another high- profile attorney until this case i'm half the defense trade claims of the government was overreaching. what you think about this.
5:35 pm
this is opening day for this trial. he sought 20 thereof hard high one. what about racism overage. additionally assault not the government but i see sarah i know a man for top-flight or management megadeal as quick as i can. >> : all lumpy and oscar before it broke down on the witness stand and tell lever against it. the prosecution says that he intentionally shot his girlfriend lela after an argument early on valentine's day. story it pleaded not guilty of murder. sales at the here his exploration of the night's events the very first time. only those in the courtroom to see because his cousin to testify not on camera.
5:36 pm
>> : oscar sob's turned to will spread as he tells the moment he realized he curled his girlfriend. kim after day of very dramatic testimony pyridium and instructed the times by the defense to stand up on has thought his prosthetic legs dog did he accounted his version of that night. at a hearing noises he says that news came as an intruder was inside his house. for the first time he knew that his girlfriend with what appeared some cans mother
5:37 pm
held her head in his and her hands as he listens to the fight to the shots. the foreign mutt and fired four shots of the door. could not been his girlfriend he said it was only then that the thought first cross the mind that we thought might have been the one inside bathroom. he described using a quick it could back to back on the door. then there inside lie on the floor shop. a foot in the door open and is that over her and cried. the stores will take the stand again one trial resumes tomorrow. >> : coming up of 545 physical affects an unstable home and poverty can have on children. and next lies in giving more to the gulf some
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i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. of the rights for the top universities allow all time low. most selective colleges are rejecting a vast majority of students to apply. once one of those selected these incidents do all due to the increase in applications. based on figures from most recent admission season. stanford university have the lowest accepted rate and have represented several receive $43 in applications this year but only upset about 2% of the 2000 applicants did you see official said the commission rate for uc berkeley and ucla could drop below 20% are rated yell like substance is the son of if you want get the best
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way for about it agreed from our remote college in claremont call for you. according to page scale the private school ranks no. 1 when it comes to the return on your investment to cushion at the school is not cheap 4 year degree cost nearly $230,000 pre alumni from the school typically earn more money than those who were caught off highs. institute of technology ranks second. institute of college racer. rv. top camera, clear warm skies to another warm day like that to all. what about those changes coming up. >> :
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a study on n.c. says the problem with obese children is getting much worse. despite a new c c report. the studies suggest that
5:46 pm
the numbers are dropping a little bit. but when you focus on children described by the extremely obese. i really as bad as it going steadily up past 40 years to the city also backed up the good those children was likely to have problems with diabetes and heart disease the numbers are increasing particularly for school-age girls and teenage boys to the bus to a household affects children as young as nine years old on june i altered affecting chromosomes. the result is very troubling appears to affect the health and even less than of those children. researchers of the university of michigan they were somewhat what surprised they expected the fund is results with the mothers of children. >> :
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montana can office and back toward seventh a gorgeous day to day reserve high green eyes 78 oakland 82 is a leg up to and a bottle. redwood city. 87 in san jose care pre warm. laudable maybe we bring some records of for surely most of those were set in 1989 was those were in the '90s believe it appeared. it for now and santa rosa said are as a setting as and i did so later in our picture shows high clouds not bringing precipitation the sudden change for the next few days. for canceling all with you next week is the we preach elite 52 separate the scope 54 redwood city in 52 unconquered and get down into the sea in pleasanton. a lot pettifog starting to build on the overnight hours of work order molly commute. if i the fog should dissipate early in the morning commute. by around
5:48 pm
innersole will see what the sagas. still patchy and some parts and particularly along the coast how one drive carefully if your are out there to our morning. but friday afternoon fog some of the custer partly cloudy to mostly clear for most parts of the bay area. look good but high temperatures 76 apollos and never sunnyvale is a one campbell a and santa clara 85 for free mutt. 32 in hayward 754 union city 76 is what will reach in danville. no. they peninsula we of 76 percent fell 61 up on the beach 61 and 78¢ is a great sunday in >> : a chicago morning but the steering off early afternoon. >> :
5:49 pm
known as small but it still an attractive one hit the slopes. >> : add to support and accounting you need to think about tax scams >> : taxes a year alone some people that. specifically edited the thieves. it steal personal affirmation then file for the tax returns pocketing the money. last year the irs launched investigations. the numbers are surging two years prior the irs investigated that less than 390 thefts tritoma's popular ways thieves year of ration is by fake phone calls kids cameras in person at irs agents as saying that you payton now the wire transfer prepaid card. to this irs usually reaches out to taxpayers by mail i never asks for personal information by e-mail or phone. also be careful who you give your information to. all takes is one rogue
5:50 pm
employee at risk or another place to take information. some tax preparers are also scam artist it be wary of anyone charging fees base of the size of the refund. other big concern did bridges. if you accompanied deal with has been hacked up friday theft protection. sometimes scarce this out some credit cards on smallest in before hitting the car with a big charge. >> : southern republican in congress recently ran a campaign based on family values as apologizing to light louisiana not at all representative mcalester say sorry for this surveillance video about the see released by west monroe louisiana newspaper showing him kissing a staffer. there she
5:51 pm
is there he is. outside his office the may fall out other five releasing a statement today is no doubt i've fallen short i'm asking for forgiveness. the staffer in the video melissa peacock resigned yesterday peacocks husband knossos mcallister wreck his life because husband says he and his wife are heading for divorce. mcalester elected this last november and a special election made headlines earlier this year. we invited the dog i see star willie robertson to be his guest. at the president's state of the union address. you see a picture of them right here. >> : coming up hall opener but in team to park their popcorn and are made from a street and watch what happens outside of the park. the exhibition of people behaving badly. >> : south pictures starring up controversy coming up in the tech report. >> :
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it mobile app generate a lot abuzz it can enhance of self picture but make a person and it make looking better. some people like that some people find offensive. >> : there appeared at the picture with a simple but you can check of 510 to 10 lbs.. a doctor says i need lose my altogether picture and send it to tom eddy at album of my acrid you news of all or tablet. here is what the pie upon summer camp counselor and what the 15 lb a letter affects. i got left is my picture with an of that the right is the 15 lb slaughter. that occasionally worked as head shots designed for close-up
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self picture shot. allow help people the full blooded picture. here's how they describe the application skinny pecksniff your for look good and helps you feel good. such a complicated money is the note as our little secret they told l.a. times the camera adds that because there is living the the plainfield. users are claim they've been motivated lose weight after his austere version of themselves did not everyone sees this as a positive image boost japonica next is stressing concerns reenforcing that skinny as better. some wait models are air brush fire a shot and altered when the grins magazine covers the six the for it does promote digital manipulations that magazines are criticized for. >> : is this application 02 far. you can e-mail me at slates.
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>> : his back the little boy kron fired six amount of the home opener for the giants game. note at six we kept up with a bad kid. one is coming up at 6.
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said that six not guilty plea many of the defendants facing corruption charges in san fransico. among the nearly two dozen people
6:00 pm
reins to a state senator lindy. pleaded not guilty to allegations of bribery and conspiracy to deal to import arms. his political consultant keith jackson also pleaded not guilty to charges he facilitated a murder for hire written conspired with each to trade political favors with money and the deal at an import arms. our key player in the case is raymond addition by child. he did not enter a plea today has new attorney heavier fall. blood its anti-government case that i've seen it may be a decade. i special i'm anti- government on that flight overreaching government. raymond chow's new attorney says that is why his second house case. i relish that.
6:01 pm
chow was charged with money- laundering conspiracy to receive interest or property. and conspiracy the contraband cigarettes. court's arguments that say that money is a soft dealings with and the under cover fbi agents. government is supposed to investigate but they're not here to create the crime. they're here to give them the money to give them the narcotics to set up to the transaction. the lower court several the government can put out of bay and see who takes it. in this case the government too far by creating and financing a crime and entrapment and his client. we believe there's all kind of the mouse seizes
6:02 pm
pre >> : 21 of the planned work in court today. all be back on friday for another hearing. >> : raymond chow does not have the study to date has pictures join of the teacher does free sure boy. it also learned that chow drop supporters are having a rally in severs the scope. selling prescription drugs from sit citizens has been postponed. dr. costa county public office says that's checking files to see if that's the star was involved in any of the cases. the office says that the crime the office of switzer is accused of past down on his reliability as a witness. assistant district attorney admits that this could jeopardize other criminal prosecutions depending on the sensors level of involvement in each case.
6:03 pm
>> : central damaging. cold case murder of senna was a murder. rob flyable reports now prosecutors unveiled new evidence saying of the accused husband told police where to look for his missing wife. after she disappeared for five years ago is state senato shed been sd december 7th david shown here in court last month and is robert. now legal brief obtained. is there actually suggested that police look for his wife at the airport. legal analysts >> : see a set of the airport and suggests it could this be a robbery at sure the police at the time said that this
6:04 pm
could be deflected pass and as a police officer sees that you become a suspected you like where dr. foster revealed that david zimmer a strange and his wife was having an affair when she vanished. and that robert is ours did get dna was found on the button and the bar that kathy's a reward she was strangled. >> : david is a rare and her husband is the underwriter for a long time. all husband had a motive and opportunity for murder. but now they have time might be the floppies above all. the motive for the murder other documents also detail how zimmer profited from his wife's the death pre by selling their home and collecting life insurance. this picture has been presented by the district attorney is not a grieving husband bought of a calculated killer. >> : all of robert and david zimmer are being held without bail. pending their
6:05 pm
next court date. later this month in line >> : with a hit his if you're outside the chow is then warm temperatures always all right caught in some areas broke 80 degrees in many parts of bay area appeared in last fall where have clear conditions for us are looking ahead weather headlines with patchy morning fog. with another nice day with cooling as well. all touch on that in just a bit. has head of the park during the opening day to day care giants beat the arizona diamondbacks. >> : j.r. stone live that at&t part tonight with we're bact kid was. i'm walking
6:06 pm
through a back aisle can run a corner and saw black lamborghini the head and signed five on and thought how that kid must be somewhere and he certainly was a the turnaround is waiting to get an his pride and make the drive. so i could get that first pitch. the talk about fibril miles that you see him in the video front of the first pitch in that batman gear. miles has had a quite the road as a youngster. but off looking at right now in remission here may remember him from last year at which time he fought off the news and in san francisco. i was there to talk with him this is what he had said. >> : it was good. the fund? yes. did you see any of the
6:07 pm
baseball players? yes. be it the option kids. yes. it is great at. all or less saying? back to it. backed cad s great for the fans. workers had phones out to take
6:08 pm
pictures, stu susan old high school half of colors with of the sun is triplets' cancer a chance to survive and. airline rare treat tonight more news coming up >> : [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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man who prosecutors say tried to throw his wife a san mateo bridge pleaded no contest to a felony domestic violence charge. now exists there was an exchange the maximum seven years sentence. the couple who: of the center got into an argument while driving on a
6:15 pm
bridge back in december unless there's a husband appeared the car into a wall at allegedly grabbed his wife and tried to toss her into the bay. the clinton ended up going over the bridge and said and was arrested by the coast guard his set be sentenced in may. >> : kron concern that measles is spreading california. every week the number of cases seems to go. more than 50 cases right now most of them in southern california and northern california is not and did most recent case was on the campus of uc- berkeley. this is theeported cae here on campus since less february. as a result, was health officials are not taking any chances. it's been a significant increase in the numbers of cases and all for you. i think a member is not the 51 cases and that maybe even out of date as of today. so we know we have to be vigilant for measles. give you one cases
6:16 pm
in the state so far this year. compared only for cases of the same period last year appeared make is in the state are related to foreign travel. and outbreaks of measles and other countries. specifically philippines england and so forth. those individuals that have not been any size are at highest risk. symptoms include high fever cold symptoms brought a rash that typically start of the face and goes on the body. and also read diet and sensitivity to light in the eyes. officials say that you might be concerned at risk for the highly contagious disease you first need to check your immunize asian records if you have those records or you don't know whether or not you've been immunized they say you should get tested >> :
6:17 pm
dozens of passengers sailing round trip between los angeles and san francisco have come down with the stomach a virus. spokesperson for princess cruise says 37 passengers on board the ship reportedly set with an illness linked to narrow virus. the first case of bill this report should screw inserted disinfecting service and passengers on board. sick passengers were put in cabins brutal and the line >> : starters will topped the washington post's list its new state for survey crunch the numbers and some of the charter school performance is just off the charts won a larger percent graduation rate 100 percent of students move on to a 4 year college 100 percent of the students passed at least one college level test. all and the small high school. average
6:18 pm
s.a.t. score more than 1500. positive news comes after controversy beckham 2013 for the 20 indian school. stir the vote for time. >> : affordable at ending keller well shows did see world in san diego now been pot on hold. the loss of phase out the practice of keeping the he channels in captivity in the first place. a lot of animal activists have been hoping for this bill to succeed. but it is effectively dead for a year the bill's author democrat richard blum of semi casas he will revisit the idea after more study. there's been misinformation and a fear surrounding legislation. his first inspired by the documentary back for blackfish argues the captivity and mistreatment of orcas to lead to attacks on traders. dozens of animal activists have passed the hearing room say hoping for better news.
6:19 pm
airline aren't scientists with addition wildlife at least 100,000 this eminence the is not only to increase seven chance of survival to respond. but also future survival of recreational fishing industry. real thing is that salmon fishing provides $300 million a year to a california industry. the hotel's restaurants desolations state shops. 2900 jobs. if we didn't continue to do this there would not be any fish. the when the fishing season. it's critically important some that our department affects government continue to raise and release them and your and your out. 300,000 babies seven world be released to the next 24 hours. each one having a special type of implant
6:20 pm
which will help researchers find identity. the years from now >> : gorges said today our right- fact in some places. still carrying windbreaker rhonda's the mit it have needed it the past few days very warm. high temperatures for today. at 78 instances go 82 unconquered years and jose a 7 affects some areas reporting even higher and a broken 90s in some locations in the south bay and one day another one tomorrow. you noted looking at the warner bros 52 for 7052 in hayward will be down to 53 in richmond 50 and redwood stated reason for that as we have a lot of fog building overnight. that will carry into the morning. however burning off early morning trade remaining chili for most the day. special about coast. expectancy lingering
6:21 pm
fallout all struck the bay area. by early afternoon we will warmup quite a bit not to be not as warm as a result they did we are in store for various other. high and 79 sunnyvale. some five for fremont will reach 80 a milpitas east bay we have 74 for san leandro police in castro valley 80 an old creek and 82 and deferred pre of they consult more the same gorgeous weather 75 center as the sixth one up the beaches 67 said brutal and will reach 68 now me up. >> : some relief for drivers gas prices expected to fall does a little bit experts say the national average for got a regular expected to dip 1¢ to 357 a gallon in the coming months. but the americans do most other driving s presence here all
6:22 pm
is above the national average as an oakland drivers paying $4 for a gallon of regular. for all nine services of several that $4.20 a gallon. finding the cheapest gas on area around the clock at right here of the key to this page old as an interactive map break your dark red beans less-expensive you could see were mostly dark red here. if using many confined actual prices that are among the cheapest pre and click on them they'll play the specific station and the selling that gas. also broken down by location to discuss the devils got peninsula oakland and the spade. san jose and the south bay. as prices can be rough this is a great resource to help you on kron for account. >> : kron4-dot-com >> :
6:23 pm
announcing the start since i up. several big cars that will take the stage. >> : single shall form at some time. and next exciting for l.p. and a technology hoping carefully with ford. >> :
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researchers say there are closer to helping people who are paralyzed. . the study detailing a promising technique to help patients like this man just so hard paralyzed in the chest down his torso muscles do not work but researchers implant a guttural stimulation device and to respond he can move his leg without any support. >> : this-not as exciting and emotional a the same title shall because i've told that i'd never be able to walk or mobile my legs again. his love for patience latter
6:27 pm
part of this particular ongoing study. researchers are not say it's easy fix one of the patients can walkathon that they're all at this point is that the first-time electrical stimulation has been used to help a paralyzed patients but experts are hoping this is the tool will be able to improve and get better at using. >> : the corruption case surrounding suspended state and nearly libya continues to unfold. + cruise out working to move the span of the bay bridge >> : coming up by should never leave your electronic personals unattended. addition of people behaving badly. really... so our business can be on at&t's network
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here at the core of thousands of this is good fun at state senator we land enters the not guilty
6:31 pm
plea during has already met. has a turn it >> : raymond and entering a plea but his attorney charges entrapment and racism and says his client is innocent. all defendants in the corruption case ought back in court friday. milan here in san jose to an elderly black brothers accused murderer. fall in a homemade quilt last month nearly 25 years later as ours husband and david's armor and robert were arrested and charged with her murder. now according to a esteemed legal brief with the corporate david zimmer at the time suggested please look for his missing wife at the airport. the same brief detail how robert severs dna was found on the pants kathy's our war. when she was strangled >> :
6:32 pm
martina's count me put the public defender's office says they are checking their files to see if the concord at scott accused of stealing painkillers from seniors was involved in any other cases. this is a crime officer matt sensor is accused of casts doubt on his reliability as a witness. the district attorney officer of the events that this could jeopardize other criminal prosecutions would speculate on how many. he says that would all depend on the former cops level of involvement in each individual case. >> : and seventh opening day for the giants' seven to three over the arizona and back muscles at the back said what he was at here as well. he threw out a ball as well do is are there after his experience in line here in san francisco
6:33 pm
opening day for the giants fans may know something different. that is metal detectors. right now the detectors are only here at the marina gate. the plan is to phase them in at all gays. major-league baseball mandating all teams put a metal detectors by 2015 fans say they support. >> : to the i got a look at the demolition of old span of the bay bridge as a of standing got right now. drivers on the news at may notice there's now way to the foot gap in the is steal towels. crews working every day to take this bridge down piece by piece. should b about three to five years from now. 11 old span of the bay bridge >> : >> : have scaled back the search
6:34 pm
efforts of 33 year-old man who disappeared back to march 30th and somewhere on not palpi spirit so far no trace of the missing woman had been bound. compared to other missing persons cases this has been a fairly sort short search pre could be because of their liberation in the case and have no reason to suspect foul foul play. >> : the secretive pictures have been trending upward in the past five days to get some francisco on friday will get up to 58 however yesterday we all update the 75 still logged bad but high- temperature to separate the scope will be as small as well will have had a morning fog tempering offer early peak after that war sunshine in fact quite a slight cooling trend will develop the next few days. tomorrow the '75 and fremont. 79 and san jose. local lore than it was to make it 76 and has a
6:35 pm
vallate 80 implanted. northgate and sought some form petaluma 77 december no and 74 and sematech a cocker. more sunshine and sort will get cooler as we make our way toward the weekend. certainly nothing to cry up. we have very nice conditions temperatures in the mid-70s for the most part >> : you looking at surveillance video of a letup in stolen a coffee shop inspectors go if you're wondering just to of stealing a star from the beginning. it all began at about the 20 in the afternoon at this woman and the ball will be sure arrives inside the coffee shop on upholstery on san francisco. she orders a drink the cost exactly $4 and she paid with cash. then after receiving a copy chisels see on the couch and waits and waits what she's waiting for keep on watching this but the video so that even get an idea how
6:36 pm
long she waited more than an hour's time as she babysat for dollar cup of coffee. that's when you hit a black it's up to use a restroom and leaves her $89 mac book air and $500 i fallen on unattended. layabout be sure is about to make a move until someone is a cafe. and when the coast is clear she goes for. she casually me adders over to get sufficient and unplugs the mac book and i found it then makes a beeline up the store. the cyclically is gone. someone in the video alerted san fransico police however that been said according that's a pity the only by phone was recovered and a net book is still missing believe one important lever need your personal light trucks or anything of value on said. >> :
6:37 pm
other films saturday morning with his daughter. he sums up quality time and videos next >> : of a popular social or says completely redesigned look and user interface that everyone is happy but at the turn we should tune in at 8:00 p.m. all be featuring the in the tech report. >> : the in the tech report. >> : anncr: at jennie-o we heard of a place in iowa the in the tech report. >> : where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you.
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rainier somebody and the heartbreakers, and it's evanses got the headlines about the festival at golden gate park. other performers including mclemore brian lewis in the group the arctic monkeys and other electronic deejay to get the
6:41 pm
best of. to for the three day lead senate to under $50 for a full list of the full light up the the kron4-dot- com >> : temple sandra day one is best to bring together about the videos featuring yes his daughter. >> : father of two and a bloated these videos combine videos to put a minute to the father has attracted 300,000 social media fallers by posting clubs of him and his family poking around mainly his daughter in the background. kind of be on. the gazette more than 1.5 million year's onion soup.
6:42 pm
and as less doubleday's he made that the his daughter is a mess. the best the donations will support existing programs for basic go out and clinical research at two hospitals east bay hospitals now be known as the ucsf children hospital oakland well the san fransico of hospital be ucsf is the surrogate if that the body of has given the csfb made their first $100 million donation back in 2010. barque many of the ceo of ford,. major political donor here in the bay area. >> : in sports as he prepares for the masters bill douglas and says he misses the tire was three nfl's continues along in the giants' home opener garry has the how all sports he's up next. >> :
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
the evening everyone drives home opener a rousing success of the ballpark and appears the giants are going to have a good team this year but the folks up together their sexual activity could not beat back kidtheir activity was but good. cicada was there. bat kid >> : meanwhile of his greatest the dawn. but suppose the of this detector so far bread. but posey doing his business to right field. right now dance party three
6:47 pm
>> : michael morris right now hitting 391. and there does 72 giants win the sixth straight home opener after the game everyone one adult belt why are you so hot? >> : well as the that a at feel good about right now you got there and try to be consistent as possible. and stay as long as great as our friends are of some. earlier today giants led out that talk with pablo said of all has stopped it will belong to talk about contracts. why they are open down the road. they kind of lean towards let's see how the season played out pretty much like
6:48 pm
the prince sees it ought to seek a few years ago. we'll look at your performances here and how consistent bed right now the talks according to the giants stone cold they have stopped with pablo said ball. the dodgers haven't bailed what they're calling in on match cut. here is this a dollar item unique performance character is what the dodgers are calling it the vice-president of marketing expect more performance of characters and the coming weeks. >> : the giants had in the early '80s it and say a mascot it is called the crazy crab. kron 4 demographic ankle. here the crab and he did what you to love him he'd just what one did you throw things at him his candles
6:49 pm
get sick part. the performance character as well. candlestick park are late urban opening days. -if these are listening to my show you can go places here. pam is actually losing my show now. but i did because we catawba opening day all the things everyone walked into candlestick for the first time i said man your kid this is so beautiful than five years later and people like dad are calling it a dumb. >> : the point been on the old memories today. >> : here on jabbing and trying to attract attention. if you
6:50 pm
believe that all be fired on friday. above all to listen to show workers and the lumber in any way no tiger woods but will still see off on wednesday. again the masters open to everyone. roy e. michael lloyd. mcelroy. 15th finishing the net meth to shoot bill nicholson addition of the woods and arnold with no. 4 but there's no tiger. >> : taggers been the instigator one that was propelled the driven thus increase ratings increase sponsor increase interest. and we've all benefited but the one benefit more than i have an were all appreciated for the slow but some saw what we know what he meant the game. arles and tiger half for jacket to have three. that
6:51 pm
is a crazy crab from the performance this is the give it can your body arousal wan out was the only woman and. would one. >> : when is conversation take place i remember. shell crab began to pelt. you her all things that this poor guy and lobbying against the staff again. 7 the bodyguard and again crazy
6:52 pm
crab sunday night.sun and at one kron was shows and a live 9:00. >> : on like your's need a new coach they get one all the sudden big deal for the championship game last night with john calipari going to the lakers did the word is that this guy rich used to play for him. says hay as could happen it's gonna happen now he backtracked slightly to that. >> : to a very good sources one was his going to the lakers. we will see what happens. whether it's for him to get sweet his deal at u.k. i don't know. there's
6:53 pm
obviously something to it. i treat twitter like a talking to my friends are not a journalist never pretend to be. >> : kentucky allowed time. we come back will be an opportunity to participate on a flight sports show in a unique way to get your action cooking in a few minutes. >> : minutes. >> : wireless networks are awesome. minutes. >> : they let us use our phones to do amazing things. but why sign a 2-year phone contract just to use them? at net10 wireless, you can use the phone you already have and keep your network and number, too. but for half the cost. the bring your own phone plan. that's wireless your way. unlimited* talk, text, and data on the best 4g lte networks starts at just $40 a month. net10 wireless.
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> if there has to be a fall out, this is it. you just hold it in -- >> a return to dancing waging war with max. >> julianne is too young to criticize me. >> older doesn't mean wiser. >> and what is dominating social media. how much is too much. >> i have never seen something so big on sufficient a tiny person. >> plus, the victim of a boston bomber who faced the bomber. >> and the making of "draft day." >> the cleveland browns select -- >> shooting during the emotional, real nfl draft.
7:00 pm
>> this movie is "frozen" for big tough guys. now the celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. >> kim kardashian's trending tooshie. you were at "dantsing with the stars last night," a lot of attention. >> yes, julianne hough not so sweet when critiquing max. >> i'm going to say this because i'm the brutal julianne that i am. i felt like this week was need todd be phoned in so you could get back with meryl. >> i have done this 30 years. >> being older doesn't mean being wiser. >> julianne told me she is


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